Saturday, January 10, 2015

consigno [record]

Well, we're already more than a week into the realm of 2015 and some of us haven't put anything up on the internet aside from facebook posts and general complaints.  Definitely not the enlightening stuff that the internet is such a great forum for.

Maybe we'll just say that I've been busy accomplishing things such as new year's resolutions and doing homework like crazy.  You know, those things that take up your life.

There is always so much to do relative to the time that we have to do it in.

So here's the great paradox that I've been suffering under for the past couple months with regard to writing things down, be it in blog posts, journals, personal letters, or any other method of recording our lives:

It requires time to do those things. A fair amount of it. Especially if you get behind and need to catch up your thoughts and the important things and events that have been molding your existence.

So I often feel this desire to just spend a few days shut in with a pen and many papers and accomplish all the recording of my life and catch up on all the important memories and process all the thoughts. I feel that if I could spend the vast majority of my free time (and even my work time or sleep time) writing, then I wouldn't ever get behind.

The paradox is that I would also not have anything to write about.

For me, writing is a method of thinking.  And thinking is framed by our experiences.  Going out into the world and doing things that take up time you might prefer to use otherwise introduces you to new thoughts and ideas, new people and perspectives, things you didn't know before or had never even imagined. It's a very important part of being alive, I think. And a worthy investment of time.

So yeah, the one thing that prevents me from writing as much as I would like to is also the one thing that I need the most in order to write.

This is why sleep is such a lesser priority. X)