Sunday, March 29, 2015

satis [enough]

Hello, faithful groupies, and passerby who happen upon this blog--

Once again I fear I must begin my post with an apology for the hiatus in posting anything.  My goal has been to post twice a month, and March has certainly not gone as planned in that respect.
But there's still time! :D

Anyway, the past week was a bit of a doozy, with a lot of tests and homework and regular work...any by all that, I mean, moreso than usual.  If you can really fathom that.
Ah, the glorious life of the engineer.  Yes, all my friends (the four of them) were wondering where I was all week and if anything had happened to me.

In the great effort that was this past week, though, I learned a thing or two from it all.  And not just all the material science that I was cramming.  I saw just how deep I can really reach into myself and keep going.  The amounts of effort and energy and time that I thought I had seemed to be more than I previously thought I had.  Perhaps my capacity has been expanding over the past months--and isn't that the aim of life?  As noted by e.e. cummings, daffodils know that the goal of living is to grow.

The concept that I hadn't originally planned to share, but that I've ended up getting at is this:
When you give of something, it implies that you have enough.

The other part of that concept is that, by continually implying that you have enough by giving of what you have (which is, of course, a finite amount) you arrive at one, or a mixture of two results:

a) you redefine what "enough" means
b) your capacity is increased in order to give and still have enough.

Obviously, you have to find that balance in your life and learn when it is time to say "no" to some of the many petitions for your involvement.  You have to pick your priorities and choose your battles.  But when you choose what is important to you and try to live your life out of love, I believe that you will find that you do have enough time and effort and strength and grit to give and have enough.

So don't be afraid to give more than you expected.  And if you live out of love, you can trust that you will always find you have enough.